Both the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders FC have had the privilege of working with Joseph Gormley on some of our charity events. He’s not only wonderful to work with but his artwork is outstanding. He is passionate about helping others, and  through his art, he is raising awareness and funds for a variety of non-profits. We feel fortunate to have been included in his Humanitarian efforts.

Sandy Gregory
Director, Community Outreach, Seattle Seahawks NFL 

Joseph’s work is amazing. He is a wonderful man who does a remarkable job of capturing the individual(s) he is painting. Joseph truly cares about his community and helping to support causes through the sale of his artwork. I’m proud to showcase his artwork in our family home.

Tracey & Ed Dikes
President, Weston Jewelers

The Passion and Enthusiasm Joseph puts into every piece makes him and his work so special. He has a broad range of incredible things he does with those magic brushes. His work reaches people and causes in amazing ways!! Such a very humble man, which makes me proud that I have the opportunity to call him a friend.

Carl Pavano
Fox Sports announcer & MLB World Series Winner

I believe Joseph’s art is a true expression of who he is to his core.  Each piece is vibrant and elicits an array of emotion. While some reveal the passion and intensity of its subject, others reveal pure joy and love.  I admire Joseph Gormley art, but I admire Joseph Gormley the man even more.  He is authentic.  He has a gentleness about him and appears humbled by his talent.  His desire to make the world around him a better place by sharing his gift is altruism at its best!

Angela Smith
Senior Director, Community Outreach Miami Marlins 

The Florida Panthers had the pleasure of working with Joseph, as he volunteered his time to paint a beautiful picture of our 2016 NHL All Stars to help raise money for the Panthers Foundation.  He is a passionate, committed, talented and generous individual who is making a difference in South Florida every day.  We are honored to work with him and look forward to our continued partnership.

Lauren Simone
Director, Community Outreach, Florida Panthers NHL